VocalistHUNT is a new way to collaborate with others to match the perfect singer to a per-recorded song.


The music listed has already been recorded and copyrighted but still needs a great vocal performance, solid melody line and a great lyric.


Download as many songs as you wish and find the right one that fits your vocal style.


1 – Download the song

2 – record over the track

3 – fill out the form to receive our information

      (if you have not already done so)

4 – Email the mp3 file along with contact information

5 – We will listen to your recording and let you know

      if it is a perfect match for this song.


If your version is not a match than we will let you know but the parts (performance, melody line and Lyrics) will remain yours and will not be used in any fashion.


If you have any questions before starting any process, just contact us with the contact form.

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